I swam with Muslims in The Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee at sunset...Looking west Us versus them. Right against wrong. Accept the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement. Wag your finger and reject it outright. Far too often in our beautiful, colorful, chaotic and profoundly interesting world, political and moral arguments are reduced to simple either/or choices. My side good. Your side bad. In … Continue reading I swam with Muslims in The Sea of Galilee

Hey, Hillary! Tell More Stories.

By most measures Hillary Clinton had a pretty good night in her first debate with Donald Trump.  But something was missing. Her disciplined performance may have convinced wavering voters to be somewhat more comfortable with the idea of her as President.  Clinton's cool, calm demeanor contrasted with Donald Trump's repeated interruptions and bluster.  She was … Continue reading Hey, Hillary! Tell More Stories.