A Brand New Journey: From Network News to Startup

29 years as a network radio news correspondent is enough. The clock has run out on my oath of impartiality. During my time at ABC, and before that at RKO, CNN, the BBC, IRN and LBC, (why are most networks acronyms?) I took that oath seriously, and was lucky enough to be a eyewitness to … Continue reading A Brand New Journey: From Network News to Startup

Basil Fawlty Lives!

London - OK this is it.  Final thoughts on my trip to England. The blue rooster on the old grey rectangular plinth once reserved for a statue of a long-dead member of Britain's ruling class near Nelson's Column, is an example of how many here would like to think of themselves.  Fun, a little bit … Continue reading Basil Fawlty Lives!

Pope Francis: Truly Radical

London - There 's nothing quite like travel to change my mind. One of the joys of being over here in England is to read the British press (there are at least 9 daily national newspapers) and listen to the BBC.  The art of conversation is highly prized and a crucial part of a rich … Continue reading Pope Francis: Truly Radical