Brilliance is Over-rated. Practice isn’t.

Right around the time our first child was born, The Mozart-for-babies craze was at its peak. The idea was that listening to Mozart’s music - even in utero - would make babies smarter. It was a gimmick by marketers that - brilliantly, of course - played into the belief of many parents that their children … Continue reading Brilliance is Over-rated. Practice isn’t.

Are Killjoys Opposed to Backyard Trampolines?

The big debate over trampoline safety is important but often distorted. So often news accounts are written from the perspective of the dangers they may present more than the fun they provide. Many who condemn home trampolines take a very different view about bikes, which can also be dangerous... Or contact sports... Or playgrounds. When … Continue reading Are Killjoys Opposed to Backyard Trampolines?