Will this Wearable Video Camera Help Police-Community Relations After Ferguson?



(credit: taser.com)

There is no video of the police shooting of 18 year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

This stark fact could  lead to changes soon at many police departments across the country.

Deprived of the facts about exactly what happened,  raw emotions play a heightened role in the debate.  People have very different of who was to blame.

Could technology help change minds and alter the tenor of the debate?

“Everybody wishes right now there was a video record of what happened” Jay Stanley, Senior Policy Analyst at the ACLU told Businessweek.   Studies revealed that wearable video cameras would have a positive impact on police-community relations.

Wall Street is  betting that the uproar over over what happened in Ferguson will have a direct impact on sales of body cameras like the one pictured above.

Shares in the firm that makes it, stun gun manufacturer Taser International (TASR), jumped more than 9% today on the stock market, and have rallied in recent days.

“The era of on-officer video has arrived. The technology is poised to help keep officers safer and more accountable on the job, while protecting law enforcement agencies from nuisance lawsuits,” says policemag.com.



One thought on “Will this Wearable Video Camera Help Police-Community Relations After Ferguson?

  1. Would’ve a good idea , some being used in the Uk I was witness to an incident where the police and other witness’s accounts defered greatly!

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