Goodbye Chemo Pills- Hello Life

My mother died of cancer 37 years ago, when there were far fewer options than there are today … Thank you doctors and scientists for never giving up in your search for a cure. Thank you Robert for sharing your moving story. May you stay in the best of health. I’d like to walk with you to the subway one day… In solidarity.

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I still find it hard to believe I received a cancer diagnosis almost a year ago. The tumor that was discovered in the stomach was surgically removed last May and there are no signs of any return of the disease though I suppose you’re never really certain enough to declare victory over such a thing, pretty much ever.

One of the courses of treatment you take to prevent the return of cancer via the bloodstream is chemo therapy in pill form- a much more civilized, seriously less horrible alternative than the kind of chemo you get intravenously. It’s called Xeloda and it’s a rather amazing drug. When used to actually attack tumors, it has an excellent track record of shrinking if not annihilating them. And for preventive purposes, as I used them, there is strong statistical evidence they do the job as well.

They are no picnic. Extreme fatigue is…

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